Welcome to High Street Religious Education for children and youth!

Our RE program is an affirming place of learning and spiritual growth here at our beloved church community. It brings me such joy to see families with children every Sunday. Whether you family is a long time member or a visitor you are welcome to join us as we embark on this journey together.

Unitarian Universalism is founded on the principles of justice, equity, compassion, acceptance, and spiritual freedom. Our religious education program strives to impart these values to our children and youth through engaging classes, thoughtful worship, community service, and social activities.

Our program filled with creativity, reflection, and fun. We have wonderful curricula planned that will encourage our kids to explore life’s big questions, seek truth and meaning, and put their faith into action. I can’t wait for them to make new friends and mentors along the way.

Parents and families please know that you are vital partners in this program. We aim to support you in the holy work of raising free-thinking, spiritually grounded children. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback and get involved in any way you can.

As the Director of Religious Education, it is my commitment to you to honor, affirm, support, and validate your child regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, and neurodiversity.

I look forward to walking side-by-side as we help our young Unitarian Universalists bloom into compassionate, courageous people. Wishing you an inspiring year!

Yours in Faith and Service,

Director of Religious Education